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bullet Women Making Waves.pdf (Australian Boating)(876kb)

bullet Challenging Stopover Spread.pdf (Club Marine) (98kb)

bullet Back to Sea in PNG.pdf (Australian Yachting) (634kb)
bullet The Journey of Kijana.pdf (Latitudes & Attitudes) (682kb)
bulletKijana - The Final Episode.pdf  (Latitudes & Attitudes) (582kb)


bullet Mediterranean Rock Star.pdf (Get Up & Go) (640kb)
bulletHaven on Heron.pdf (Australian Boating) (992kb)
bulletIsland Time.pdf (The Australian)(578kb)
bullet Conquering the Last Frontier.pdf (The New Zealand Herald) (368kb)
bulletThe Magic of Imajica pdf The Magic of Imajica (Paradise Inflight) (911kb)
bullet Sailing Close to the Wind.pdf Sailing Close to the Wind (Sunday Herald Sun) (622kb)

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

bulletUp The Creek.pdf (Club Marine) (1175kb)
bulletSydney's Creek.PDF LookBookMen Travel Annual) (437kb)
bullet Ku-rin-gai Chase National Park.pdf (Australian Photography) (575kb)
bullet Park it at Ku-ring-gai.pdf (The Sun-Herald) (298kb)

Family Travel

bulletMoreton Island.pdf Island (The Sun-Herald) (200kb)
bulletWombat Magic.pdf at Magic (The Sydney Morning Herald) (249kb)
bullet Pure Natural Wild Australia.pdf Australia (Out & About with Kids) (459kb)
bullet Chock-a-block with Opportunities.pdf (The Sun-Herald) (227kb)

Weekenders & Accommodation

bulletRiver Queen.pdf (The Sydney Morning Herald) (477kb)
bulletBerry B&B.pdf (The Sun-Herald) (241kb)
bulletA Victorian Splendour.pdf (The Sun-Herald) (387kb)

Travel Round-ups

bullet Whitsunday Islands (The Sun-Herald) (565kb)
bulletLocal Island Hops.pdf (Out & About with Kids) (481kb)
bullet Take Five Shoe Museums.pdf (The Sun-Herald) (231kb)

Food & Wine Travel

bullet Cutting a Dash.pdf (The Australian - Travel & Indulgence) (206kb)
bullet Waipara Valley Wine Trail.pdf (Sunday Telegraph) (238kb)
bullet Cottage Point Dining.pdf (Australian Boating) (832kb)
bulletPeats Bite.pdf (Australian Boating) (325kb)


Macular Degeneration (Age-Related Blindness) 

bullet Fading Vision.pdf (WellBeing) (533kb)
bullet Vegetable Oils Linked to Blindness.pdf (The Sydney Morning Herald) (231kb)
bullet Blind Faith.pdf (The Sydney Morning Herald) (134kb)

Business Travel 

bullet Planes, Trains and Automobiles.pdf (My Business) (479kb)


bullet Coral Wasson - Against the Wind.pdf  (Club Marine)
bullet Sue Ismail - Natural Solutions.pdf (Her Business) (472kb)
bullet Jesse Martin.pdf (Latitudes & Attitudes) (675kb)
bulletBiddy Naylor - In the Company of Women.pdf (Get Up & Go) (216kb)


bullet Following the Furnace (Adore a New Breed) (408kb)
bullet Dingo Dilemma.pdf (Adore a New Breed) (416kb)


Boating Humour 

bullet Throne Into Disarray.pdf (Sydney Afloat) (182kb)
bulletDiesel Dilemma.pdf (Modern Boating) (286kb)

Travel Humour 

bullet Illuminate Me Please!.pdf  (Association Management) (130kb)
bullet Inflight Indiscretions.pdf (Her Business) (150kb)

Parenting Humour 

bullet Making Contact.pdf (Melbourne’s Child, Sydney’s Child) (171kb)

Book Reviews: 


bullet Manolo Blahnik.pdf (Footwear News Australia) (154kb)
bullet A Celebration of Shoes.pdf (Footwear News Australia) (133kb)


bullet Kijana - The Real Story.pdf Kijana - The Real Story (Good Reading) (75kb)
bulletAll at Sea on Land.pdf (Modern Boating) (128kb)
bulletLife Without Limits.pdf  (Modern Boating (109kb)


bulletFeet First.pdf  (Australian Mother & Baby) (192kb)
bulletTrust Your Instincts.pdf Trust Your Instincts (Australian Mother & Baby) (190kb)
bullet Spark Awareness.pdf (Sydney’s Child) (178kb)


bullet Ergo-dynamic Environments Enhance Learning.pdf (Schooldays for Parents) (121kb)
bullet Helping Kids On Learning Journey.pdf (Hills Shire Times) (128kb)
bulletLanguage Literacy Program.pdf (In Schools Today) (480kb)
bullet Recruiting Literacy Volunteers.pdf (In Schools Today) (510kb)

   Children’s Non-Fiction: 

bullet Jesse's Awesome Adventures.pdf (Explore) (505kb)


bullet3M.JPG (Education Today)  
bulletType Quick.JPG (Education Today

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